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Personal details

KAWAMOTO Takayuki ("河本孝之" in Japanese)
Osaka city, Osaka prefecture, JAPAN (full details should not be disclosed for the reason of privacy.)
Date of birth
20th September, 1968 (I will not care about the age discrimination.)
You have to look for the way to contact with me at Twitter, Google+, Facebook or else on the web.
Tennoji High School attached to Osaka University of Education (1987);
Osaka University of Economics and Law (Bachelor of Law, Criminal Law, 1993);
Graduate School at Kansai University (Master of Literature, Philosophy and Logic, 1997);
Graduate School at Kobe University (retired from doctorate, Philosophy of Science, 2001.)
Work experience
Teaching assistant in Philosophy at Kobe University (1998-2000);
Chief designer at small IT company in Osaka (2001-2002);
Chief designer, director and system architect at contents provider in Osaka (2002-2006);
Chief software architect and board member at IT venture in Osaka (2006-2008);
and now Chief privacy officer and manager of information security office at the same company (2008-.)