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Private porch for Takayuki Kawamoto

identifiable.info のコンテンツを当サイトへ合併しました。(2017-11-18)




Opening address, or casual greetings

MarkupDancing is a personal website made by Takayuki Kawamoto (aka "philsci") as a philosopher on the street and as Chief Privacy Officer (CPO under Japanese Industrial Standards of JIS Q 15001 and ISO/IEC 27001) at an IT company of web development and other services. I majored the philosophy of science at the graduate school in Kansai University (master) and Kobe University (doctorate), and then I was endowed MA (specialty: the philosophy of science and logic) from Kansai University in 2007. But I retired my doctoral course before the last year so I do not have Ph.D after all. Now I am a member of Philosophy of Science Society, Japan.


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